Duo was founded in January of 2006 as a full service catering company.  The company was formed to express the vision of the two founding partners; Ashley Transki and Brian Congdon; a vision that is built upon creating a harmonious relationship between locally grown organic produce and finely crafted meals.  duo is the result of a lifelong pursuit of food and flavor.

Duo Catering and Events
Brian Congdon
In his parents’ kitchen there is a picture of Brian cooking with his chef’s hat on at the age of six. Who knew this wide-eyed child would grow up to be a graduate of a prestigious culinary school and owner of his own company? Almost everyone who knew him.

Born and raised in Menlo Park, California, Brian learned basic culinary skills from his mother at a young age, and began cooking before he was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter. His passion for food lead him to the California Culinary Academy, where he graduated in 1999.

While at the academy, Brian worked at a Cajun restaurant in San Francisco under Chef Donald Link, who quickly became his mentor. Brian followed Link to a restaurant in Palo Alto, California where he took over as the Executive Chef. Through formal instruction and on-the-job training, Brian learned not only how to create award-winning seasonal menus, but also what it takes to produce a seamless, fine dining experience in or out of a restaurant.

In the winter of 2000, Brian and his wife, Victoria, moved to Santa Barbara where he met Ashley Transki at Sage and Onion Restaurant. From that point on, the two formed a partnership, jointly overseeing the kitchen at Sage and Onion and working on the development of Quantum Restaurant and Lounge. For six years, the pair continued to develop their culinary styles, as well as forge the foundation of what was to become duo.
Duo Catering and Events
Ashley Transki
Ashley was born in Ft. Steward, Georgia into the ever-changing lifestyle of a military family. Moving frequently gave him exposure to a number of different ways of life and more importantly, exposed him to a variety of cuisines. From a very early age he became fascinated with food and the kitchen.

Ashley’s self-styled apprenticeship began at the age of sixteen on the shores of Eastern Maine. It was there that his lifelong appreciation of locally harvested products began. From fresh seafood on the east coast, to a high-end restaurant in Park City, Utah specializing in mountain cuisine and exotic meats, Ashley sharpened his skills and created menus focused on fresh and local ingredients. During his time in Park City, Ashley was the founding partner of Realfood Inc., a full service catering company.

Continuing his culinary path west, Ashley moved to Santa Barbara, California in the summer of 2000, to focus on upscale, fine dining. After running the kitchen at Sage and Onion, and assisting friends Cynthia Miranda and Scott Schonzeit open Quantum Restaurant and Lounge, Ashley and partner Brian Congdon created duo, a full service catering and events company.

duo was formed from years of passionate work and a well-matched friendship to express a joint vision; one that is built upon creating a harmonious relationship between locally grown organic produce and finely crafted meals. duo is the result of a lifelong pursuit of food and flavor.
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"It’s been almost two months since Jarrett and Lila Rose were married and the compliments are still coming in strong.
I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with planning and executing the rehearsal dinner. Absolutely everything was delicious and beautifully presented. I’m even getting compliments on the food served at the wedding even thought it was my son who primarily did that planning, and he had a great time doing that.
Ashley, your ideas were perfect. It was exactly what I wanted. Bia, you were so wonderful to work with that I was totally relaxed when the Friday evening dinner took place.
How professional, how delicious, how perfect.

P.S. Fabulous staff too! How about opening a Baltimore branch for your catering firm?"
Penny Bank
"What a delicious evening! Kristen and Tim’s wedding was magical and you were a huge part. The food was amazing from beginning to end both in taste and presentation. Kristen and I knew from meeting with Bia duo Would be perfect. Thank you for all you did. I only wish I could have had all 4 entrée’s!"
Jen Hayter
Very proud MOB!
"Thank you for treating us to such a special evening the other night. The food was delicious, and we all loved the warmth and character of your space. My friend Sarah (with the dietary restrictions) was especially appreciative, as it is rare for her to be able to go out and be served something that she can eat, let alone something delicious! It was a pleasure to meet you and Bia, and we hope there will be many more opportunities to share a meal with you. Thanks for the memorable evening, and also of course, for donating so generously to the Dream Foundation."
"Thank you for the amazing job you did at our wedding!!! We couldn’t be happier with the catering aspect of our wedding. The food was perfect and your servers were wonderful. Every guest we spoke to raved about the food. The late night snacks were a huge hit and your whole operation was flawless! We loved working with you all and appreciate your professional & friendly team. We all know the Ranch was a challenging venue and you did a great job. Thanks for the best food we have ever had at a wedding. We are happy it was ours! "
Cari and Richard Woolcott